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How does this work?


With a registered account you can easily browse our current inventory or (eventually) review past auctions.


To create your account, you will first be asked to enter some basic personal information. An email address IS required; ALL our notifications are sent via email. (Outbid notifications, description changes, winning / paid invoices, etc.)


Next, you will need to complete the verification process. Bidding authorization will require you to provide a credit card number or bank reference during registration. In lieu of a bidding deposit, credit cards are authorized at the time of registration; but NOT charged. There are NO fees to register.


We take your personal online security very seriously. Rafter T Auctions uses or all credit card information. keeps our transactional data safe while making it easy to authorize payments via our website. We consider the safe keeping of all transactional data one of the most important services we can provide, and we will never share your email address or personal information.



How do I bid?


Simple. Bid! And then… outbid 😉.


If you are unable, or unwilling, to monitor your bids constantly online, you may use the “Max Bid” feature. It allows a bidder to enter a maximum amount they are willing to pay for an item without disclosing that amount to others. Just enter the maximum price you want, and Max Bid will bid on your behalf using only what it needs to keep you in the lead. This feature is the best way to ensure victory, especially when you are bidding on multiple items.


*Rafter T Auctions will sometimes place a minimum/starting/proxy bid. Your first bid should match or exceed that.



What happens in the end… at closing?


You will soon notice many bidders begin bidding actively as items are closing. The Max Bid feature comes in handy here.


Closing of items will be staggered. Usually, 3-5 lots will close in a minute. Details will be provided for each auction.


If a bid is placed within the last few minutes before an item’s original bid closing time, then the bidding window will extend for an additional period, or extension period. This is known as a dynamic closing. Once the original bid closing time has passed, a message will appear on the bidding page indicating that an extension period has been triggered and bidding will be allowed for the remainder of the extension period. This is when it gets fun y’all! *Be sure to click “refresh” to see the latest bids and amount of bidding time remaining.



How do I know if I won an item?


All winning bidders are emailed an auction invoice after the event is closed. You can also find your invoice by accessing your customer account.



Any fees I should know about?


There is no fee for bidding on auction items, however the buyer shall pay to Rafter T Auctions a buyer’s premium of 10% of the sale or bid price.



What if I change my mind about an item and my bid?


Bidding on an item is a contract. You may NOT change your bid once placed. When you place a bid you have told RafterTAuctions, “YES PLACE MY BID”, and by doing so, you have taken the high bid away from someone else. You cannot back out of bid you placed AS IT EFFECTS EVERY OTHER BIDDER ON AN ITEM. (Mistakes do happen, we are all human. If you have accidentally typed the wrong number and somehow also confirmed it, you should immediately try to contact us by phone or email, and we will attempt to fix the issue).



TIPS and Suggestions for Buyers:


-Study the photos, read the descriptions. If it looks good in the photo it should look good in person. We take pride in photographing and accurately describing all of the items in our lots.

-Always BID on the description. Check quantity and size.

-The responsibility to inspect lies with the buyer. You are welcome to come and see the item in person. Please contact us prior to your visit, and we will be happy to assist.