About Us

Originally from Jackson, Minnesota, Travis grew up immersed in the family business of livestock auctions at the Jackson Livestock Exchange. At the age of 18, he pursued his passion by attending auctioneer school, and subsequently accumulating years of valuable experience in live auctions. However, Travis’s journey took an unexpected turn when he headed south to Mississippi, immediately following the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Motivated by his desire to assist in the recovery efforts, Travis relocated to Gulfport. He became a licensed electrician with the Union and eventually crossed paths with his now-wife, Léa.


Together, Travis and Léa made the decision to embark on a new chapter in their lives by returning to Minnesota and settling in Duluth. Two years ago, they embraced this vibrant community and are now dedicated to actively participating in its growth and development. Their shared ambition is to establish a local auction business, not only to contribute to their new community but also to forge meaningful connections within it. With their combined expertise and passion for auctions, Travis and Léa aspire to grow a business that benefits “the whole” but also allows them to truly understand and connect with people on a personal, individual level.


Whether you are selling through us or buying from us, we will treat you like the Human that you are, not just a number or $ sign. We promise to treat your belongings as if they were our own, and vow complete transparency in our business transactions. We welcome suggestions, and even critiques… and we will ALWAYS reply to your messages!

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